Yajima Couture is an eclectic style that subtly combines two cultures as powerful as they are different: Europe and Asia. The balance between proportion, emotion and surprise will help you perfectly express your personality with the help of clothing created by designer Maria Yajima.

Maria Yajima - fashion designer

The Yajima Couture brand means emotion first and foremost. Expressed by clothing design, a combination of 2 different worlds, with elements of Romanian folklore and traditional Japanese accents. The eccentric gives way to simplicity, and the result is pure emotion - pieces of clothing that give you the freedom to be feminine.

Maria Yajima is a perfectionist creator, that's why she is involved in all stages of making an outfit. From concept sketches, to choosing materials, to making patterns or to tailoring. Thus, Yajima Couture outfits have a special value, feeling the talent, passion and attention for every detail.

The clothes I created are not intended to cover the body, they are a way to reveal the strong and sensitive personality of the contemporary woman at the same time. My creations express intense emotions and feelings. This is my way of expressing myself. I want to give today's women the opportunity to communicate their personality through the clothes they wear.


+40 742 114 736
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